I live in an area in Berlin that always had a quite touch for me but even here it is not easy to have a coffee or quick lunch without meeting somebody with Chinese investors on board (funky project, actually) anymore or overhearing conversations about wishful Exits here and there. But let’s relax for a couple of days. Since we are not likely to detox digitally anyway how about following Sapolsky’s* lecture series The Biology of Human Behaviour on Openculture.com**. Sounds exotic? That is exactly the point. When is the last time you listened to a fun and self-depreciating voice rambling intelligently about whacky decisions and how they still make sense in the grand scheme of things – or can at least be explained. And no, this is not meant to help you understand, which pptx colors or coffee aromas induce Business Angels to invest. Hopefully you’ll lean back and enjoy too.

*professor at Stanford, if you are after credentials
**being truthful I was introduced to this myself by one the most intelligent men I ever met. Should dedicate a post to him at one point.