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Company Sales

Company Sales are not a walk in the park, not for anybody, not the advisor and not the shareholders. Whereby much depends on the preparation of the process and the particular circumstances.

M&A advisors may for instance be contacted after potential buyers already started approaching the target company with the idea of screening the market for alternatives within weeks. Also, existing investors, whether in equities or debt, usually have expectations that need to be matched. And when transactions start competing with operations for attention, ressources, mental and otherwise, become tight.

Hence a company sale, as complex as the endeavor may appear to begin with, gets even more challenging as pressures mount, be it time-wise or due to dependencies.

Being that demanding untertaking from a start, however, a knowledgeable party to spar and share the workload with is likely to be helpful, no matter what the circumstances.




Company Sales can be pursued in different phases

Further organic or inorganic growth