Company Sale to Strategic Partner (2022)

Industry: E-Commerce



Just like analog companies, successful digital companies are characterized by many special features. This can include a combination of both worlds, such as commercial activity in your own business coupled with digital marketing. In addition, macro trends must be taken into account in e-commerce, just as it is important to meticulously track and manage a large number of KPIs on a daily basis.


Founded in 2017 by three shareholders who have known and worked together for a long time, Print Royal GmbH is an e-commerce company that personalizes a wide range of consumer goods at its Oranienburg site near Berlin and sells them via several platforms, including, to both private and business customers. Personalization is one of the most important long-term trends in e-commerce. The expertise to map the corresponding processes within the company has been built up over many years and over 30 permanent employees have become know-how carriers.

In the course of the Print Royal sales process, the SV Group – Schwäbischer Verlag GmbH & Co. KG Drexler, Gessler – based in Ravensburg, Germany, emerged as a particularly interesting strategic partner. The SV Group employs around 2,500 people in six federal states. With its portfolio, the company covers the entire range of media and media-related services and focuses on regional and local information for its readers, viewers, listeners, Internet users and advertising partners. Its core products are the “Schwäbische Zeitung” and the “Nordkurier” with their various print and digital editions. The media mix also includes the advertising papers “Südfinder” and “Lokalfuchs”, Germany’s largest regional private broadcasting group “Regio TV” as well as numerous special interest magazines and official gazettes.


The integration of Print Royal brings advantages for both sides: Print Royal will have the opportunity to further expand its rapidly growing e-commerce business and establish the division as an important pillar within the SV Group. On the SV Group side, Print Royal can draw on compatible areas such as logistics and fulfillment within the Group and make effective use of central shared services. The SV Group in turn complements its product portfolio for the reader and user market and, above all, uses the existing know-how for further e-commerce activities of the Group.

With the transaction completed in August 2022, Print Royal now complements the SV Group’s corporate profile as a wholly owned subsidiary.


in rebus corporate finance GmbH acted as exlusive financial advisor to the shareholders of Print Royal GmbH over the entire transaction process.


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