Equity Financing

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Equity Financing


Equity fundraisings dominated the transaction news in Berlin for many years, banks shying away from risky ventures, before the first companies got large enough to be considered for acquisitions. Only as of recent venture debt emerged from a narrow to a broader niche of the market with players involving the better known venture capital firms as much as newer, specialized actors.

Once companies exceed certain thresholds, more financing options open up of course. And while the pros and cons of debt versus equity appear rather obvious and easy to grasp (on the surface), some may be surprised how many ramifications there are about equity  in and by itself, short and long term.

Thus some pondering, strategizing and planning, even before executing the transaction step by step, is likely to be of benefit.

Early Bootstrapping


(at potentially still negative Cash Flows)


(positive Cash Flows)

Various Equity financing options, mainly dependent on growth and cash flow situation

Further organic or inorganic growth