TreasureHunt (2017)


Transaction Type: Investment by a Strategic Partner

Sector: Gaming

Company & Transaction: Berlin based TreasureHunt, founded a.o. by veterans from EA, Zynga, Rovio and King has been developing games for mobile platforms since 2014 and came out with Pet Paradise, a “Bubble-Shooter-Pet-Collection-Game”, in June 2017 in both iOS and Android. In order to gain further market share in its mainstream, interactive user entertainment segment and keep enhancing TreasureHunt and team the strategic investor acquired, Gauselmann Group – next to business angels – not only contributes capital over the amount of USD 6M but also other company resources.

in rebus corporate finance supported TreasureHunt GmbH as exclusive financial advisor throughout the transaction.

Transaction reported on by VentureBeat


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