Sector: e-commerce


Successful digital companies are just as unique in their individual business approach as their analogue counterparts. This uniqueness may include a combination of both worlds, such as company owned production activities coupled with digital marketing. In addition e-commerce entrepreneurs need to be just as astute about macro trends as diligent in their daily management of critical KPIs.


Print Royal GmbH has been founded in 2017 by 3 entrepreneurs that had known and cooperated with each other for several years. The company is based in Oranienburg nearby Berlin and customizes and markets a great number of consumer goods via several platforms –  including – to private as well as business clients. Customization belongs to the most important long term trends in e-commerce and none of these processes is outsourced. The competency to manage this rather broad value chain has been built over many years and with time over 30 FTEs became skilled and knowledgeable personel.

In the course of the sales process of Print Royal SV Group – Schwäbischer Verlag GmbH & Co. KG Drexler, Gessler – with a seat in Ravensburg materialized as particularly interesting strategic partner. SV Group employs a staff of over 2.500 in six German states. With its portfolio the company covers a broad range of media- and media-related services and counts on regional and local information for its readers, viewers, listeners, internet users and advertising partners. Core products include „Schwäbische Zeiting“, and „Nordkurier“ with various print and digital editions. The SV Group media mix further includes the advertising journals „Südfinder“ and „Lokalfuchs“, Germanys most important regional private radio group „Regio TV“ as well as various special-interest magazines and official journals.


The integration of Print Royal entails benefits for both sides. Print Royal will be enabled to foster the already growing e-commerce business and establish this line of business as an important pillar within SV Group, with SV Group logistics, fulfillment and shared services capacities further supporting the company. SV Group in turn widens its product portfolio for the reader and user market and leverages new know how for additional e-commerce activities within the group.

Upon closing of the transaction in August 2022 Print Royal complements the company profile of SV group as 100% subsidiary.

in rebus corporate finance GmbH advised the share holders of Print Royal GmbH throughout the entire transaction process.


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