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About in rebus

in rebus corporate finance advises startups and small/ medium enterprises on private placements, company successions as well as mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Companies from Creative Industries, Gaming, Lead Generation, E-Commerce (with company owned production facilities) and B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) have already been supported successfully during share and asset deals with private, strategic and financial investors. in rebus founder Peter Guggi graduated simultaneously in law from University of Vienna and in commerce (today: international business administration) from Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. After a scholarship (Young Executive Training Program for Japan) in Tokyo he joined an Austrian maker of sporting goods (Atomic) in Tokyo as Manager of a Sales & Marketing Business Unit, followed by stints as Sales Operations/ Controlling Manager at a NASDAQ noted specialist for data storage (EMC - today Dell EMC) in Tokyo and Boston, with leading sales responsibility at a German media company (Burda) in Moscow and as OEM account manager at a developer of telecommunication solutions (DeTeWe) in Berlin. Drawn to M&A after the acquisition of DeTeWe by a Canadian corporation (Aastra - today Mitel) and subsequent experiences in this restructuring environment, he gained first corporate finance experiences with an investment banking boutique (Affentranger Associates) in Geneva. Since 2012 he runs in rebus corporate finance, since 2017 as GmbH.

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Peter Guggi

As a manager I previously spent time with a series, also manufacturing companies whose USP consisted either in marketing know how that had been build over decades or in committing themselves to constant change, coupled with all the related investment risks. Today, my focus as a consultant working from Berlin is certainly shaped by the many young companies that contribute their share to a positive disruption of economy and society. However, a closer look always reveals how much endurance, energy and persuasiveness every company needs to get a first solution into the market. These entrepreneurial characteristics obviously connect a world, where physical products and hardware are developed and assembled with the one, where SaaS solutions or a digital platform are made available via a B2B or B2C business model. I participated in and am thus very aware of the effort, sometimes pain of building and keeping companies going and look forward to, via transactions, contribute my part to creating companies of lasting value. Either to shareholders and employees on a standalone basis - or when meant to be sold and integrated by another market player from the beginning.


1. Concept & business model analysis

We like to understand what we represent – also to do the best possible job in advocating your case. This phase is really all about looking at the project, the related financial planning and equity story in detail, getting up to speed and potentially already recommend adaptations.

2. Drafting Documentation

Drafting documentation is as much a creative as an administrative process, in a venture scenario generating the most convincing pitch deck, at a later stage making sure that the vision is backed up with the necessary numbers.



Years of experience in the corporate finance sector lead to a network of contacts to Business Angels, Venture Capital/ Private Equity Investors, Family Offices and strategic partners. This network breathes, which also means that each mandate entails a related research project and new contacts that we need to approach in a convincing manner.


4. Meetings

Some developers like to speak tech. Entrepreneurs are often visionaries. Investors have an appreciation for facts. We are there to bring these worlds together. Online and at the round table.

5. Due Diligence

Depending on the complexity of the company and time since foundation Due Diligence may belong to the most complex phases of a transaction, often involving further advisors. Keeping a cool head and identifying potential deal breakers early in the process are obviously essential.


6. Signing & Closing

We advise on the process “end to end” which implies that we support negotiations down to the details and the last minute contributing to carry the deal across the finishing line.



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  • in rebus corporate finance GmbH
    Stralauer Allee 2a
    10245 Berlin
  • +49 30 204 59 749
  • +49 30 688 18 896
  • 09:00 - 19:00


Private Placements

  • assessment of company and shareholder status quo, goals and options
  • draft of pitch decks, financial forecasts and supporting documentation
  • supplementary market research
  • research of business angels, venture capital-, private equity- and strategic investors
  • approach of potential investors on behalf of the respective client
  • support presentations and negotiations up until signing and closing
  • coordination with lawyers and tax advisors
  • support of company valuations

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

  • company analysis and evaluation of strategic options
  • draft of investment memos
  • research of potential acquisition candidates (targets) or buyers
  • approach potential targets on behalf of the client
  • coordination of due diligence (DD) or execution of given DD tasks
  • company valuations


  • startup funding (first and follow-rounds)
  • growth financing (startup and small/ medium companies)
  • majority sale (EXIT) of startups to strategic investors (trade sale)
  • company succession of small/medium companies assuring company continuity through MBO, MBI or sale to a strategic investor


It is our core belief that companies contribute more than anything or anybody to the well being of society - sustainably. Building companies gives people work and drives innovation. Selling companies hopefully puts this innovation into an even larger context. And finally being rewarded for hard work is just fair. By the way: in rebus is taken from a quote attributed to Seneca: „Philosophia non in verbis sed in rebus est“, hence „philosophy is expressed through deeds, rather than words“. Trying.


Intern wanted

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Winner of the Finance Monthly Game Changers Award 2018


Press Release


BE Beteiligungen invests in Berlin based producer of pet food Barfer’s Wellfood

in rebus corporate finance advises Barfer’s Wellfood on its financing round



Gauselmann Group invests in Mobile Games Studio TreasureHunt

in rebus corporate finance GmbH advises TreasureHunt on its financing round



Hessen Kapital and LOML Investment invest in the market place for mobile movie tickets CineApp (Cinema Mobile GmbH) in course of a Series A

in rebus corporate finance advises CineApp on its financing round



PDV Inter-Media Venture, Müller Medien und NWZ  Digital invest in automated text generation by AX Semantics

in rebus corporate finance advises AX Semantics on its financing round


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