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Peter Guggi

T. +49 30 204 59 749

M. +49 17 058 43 746

Address: Stralauer Allee 2a

D-10245 Berlin

Peter Guggi

Managing Partner of in rebus corporate finance GmbH

About Peter Guggi

Peter Guggi is the Managing Partner at Berlin based in rebus corporate finance GmbH, responsible for the company’s transaction advisory business. Peter founded the company after graduating in both business administration and law in Austria and spending more than 10 years in operational roles with strong brands in the Sporting Goods, IT/ Data Storage, Media/ Publishing and Telecoms Equipment sectors at the interface between Controlling, Sales and Marketing, living and working in Japan, the US, Russia and Germany. in rebus corporate finance focuses on sell side mandates, working with StartUps and SMEs on equity financing rounds and trade sales, supporting company documentation, financial planning, company valuations, investor marketing, due diligence and negotiations up until closing the respective deal. Pursuing a sector agnostic approach clients with a variety of business models, including B2B Software as a Service, E-Commerce, Retail and Manufacturing, have been advised throughout successful transactions.


What is unique about the in rebus corporate finance approach to the market?

In the segment of startups and SMEs corporate finance is all about understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of businesses that are difficult to describe in mere KPIs. in rebus dedicates significant amounts of time to this stage of the process while also making sure that company operations and their financial aspects, market fit and opportunities become completely transparent to potential investors and buyers alike.

By nature, the way entrepreneurs and financial investors look at a company is different and part of the challenge in any transaction consists in bridging that gap, intriguing the investor and professionalizing the entrepreneur.

A successful transaction is thus not only measured in terms of the company valuation agreed or guarantees negotiated, but also by the extent the parties involved consider each other partners henceforward.

Achieving this requires a lot of focus and close involvement over an extended period of time. By managing a very limited amount of transactions in parallel every mandate is truly important and receives the full attention it deserves.

What do you hope to achieve in the next few years?

With economies growing, business models changing, corporates opening up, entrepreneurship having a higher appeal than ever before and foreign interest in local businesses rising opportunities thankfully abound. Transactions being invariably fast paced the questions to ask oneself a few years down the line could be: has the name become a brand, did I help enough others to build something of lasting value and what about the big challenges to all of us out there - has that been addressed to some degree too? Hence, keep calm, keep providing quality advise and work with the right people on the right projects.